A Taste of France: An O Events Fine Dining experience

While we reboot and revitalise after an incredible Cannes Film Festival experience, we thought you might appreciate a crash course in some of France’s high-end fine dining experiences.

Whenever we are in France, we cannot deny ourselves the luxury of French fine dining. A cuisine that continues to provide the most mouthwatering dining experiences that are absolutely drenched in class.

We take a look at the O Events top 3 must-dine experiences in and around France.

Restaurant Le MichelAngelo

The eloquence and atmosphere of MichelAngelo Antibes is born from the artist Mamo. Capturing the essence of the south, Italy and France, the MichelAngelo is home to some of the finest Italian cuisine you will find in France.

Mamo being the master of stoves and the bringer of joviality, the atmosphere is alive as well as inviting.

Built inside a cellar with its old stones harbouring rich French and Italian history, the MichelAngelo menu is incredible. To name a few specialities their famous spalla d’agnelo, (grilled lamb shoulder to wood fire), el Coniglio al erbe (grilled rabbit to wood fire), or the saltimbocca with the romana (Escalope of veal, Ham of Parma, Emental) are highly recommended by O Events for first timers.

The wine list sports a subtle selection of Italian and French wines making the dining experience as pleasant as you would imagine.

Not only is the cuisine and wine outstanding, but MichelAngelo has hosted every A list celebrity on the planet. This is evident when entering the restaurant, where the wall is covered in wonderful pictures of Mamo with a sea of celebrities.

This is the place where all the stars go after the Cannes film festival. However, if you want a good seat, don’t get seated in the ‘aquarium’.

Chez Bruno

Rated as one of the top restaurants in Lorgues, Chez Bruno is a dining establishment rich in culture and class.

Founded in 1980, Bruno himself is the guardian of culinary traditions, a creator full of verve, the ‘Emporer of the Truffle’ who attracts and seduces diners with his unique cuisine.

The menu is based on quality ingredients sourced from a variety of suppliers which allows Bruno to accommodate the different truffle families.

The menu is based on simplicity which allows the flavours of each dish to authentically express themselves. Although the menu changes every day, the quality of the food and dining experience remain the same.

If you are a truffle lover Chez Bruno will hit the spot like no other.

Chateau Eza

Imagine experiencing the finest French and Mediterranean cuisine overlooking the beauty of the French Riviera. The Chateau Eza hotel provides exactly that with their gourmet restaurant.

This incredibly classy restaurant allows guests to dine indoors with a 180-degree panoramic view of the stunning French Riviera. If the weather is up to your standards, their outdoor terraces are perfect for a meal overlooking the magical azure waters of the Cote d’ Azur.

Chateau Eza not only provides a luxury hotel experience, but also serves the best a la carte French and Mediterranean cuisine.

Old Town Cannes

raditionally known as ‘Le Suqeut’, an old fishing village, Old Town Cannes is famous for its rich culture, beautifully cobbled streets, and that unique je ne sais quoi atmosphere.

The variety of restaurants in Cannes gives you a number of options that will allow you to spoil your pallet.

One that particularly stands out as the top-rated restaurants in Le Suqeut is La Mirabelle. It is pet-friendly, open aired space, with a terrace and a smoking area.

The La Mirabelle menu is comprised of the finest traditional French meals that effortlessly leave the taste of France on the tip of your tongue.

From delicious starters to world-class desserts, La Mirabelle is a pure and historical representation of French cuisine.

Another restaurant that remains the fine dining dream is Michel Roux Jr.’s multi award-winning restaurantLa Gavroche. It comes to no surprise why L Gavroche is an award-winning restaurant with a menu that represents world-class fine dining, and an atmosphere that breaths pure class.

Old town is also home to many charismatic bars and restaurants at the fraction of the price of the croisette, so you can expect a little bit of class for everyone.